About us

FlinQ Automation empowering people.

Our customers

We are helping a broad range of customers varying from small companies to international corporations. The size may differ but they have at least two important things in common:

Go digital strategy

Eager to work on their digital transformation and make sure new initiatives have a digital first twist. This does not mean their entire organization is digitized already. Many customers have been in business for many years which resulted in a lot of legacy. Together with their mindset to change, we guide them in the right direction.

Modern way of working

The time of human robots is definitely over. Unfortunately many organizations still rely on their valuable employees to perform an enormous amount of repetitive tasks. Our customers have a very strong spirit to get the robots out of the human and make sure their employees can focus on contributing to the company goals while using their talents.

What is driving our customers

The main driver for our customers to start up the cooperation lies in the continuation of their digital transformation. The first steps in digitalization have been taken with the implementation of an ERP-system, CRM, accounting systems, etc, but that is not the end point for them. The base has been set and from there on organizations want to keep growing and evolving into a modern way of working. Besides contribution to the general digital transformation, we see some particular reasons driving the initiatives:

Scalability & continuity

The world is changing faster and faster, demanding flexibility to answer to customer needs. Organizations do not want to be dependent anymore on the availabilities of employees to run the daily operations and fluctuations in their workload. The implementation of a digital workforce enables them to manage increasing workload without having the need to increase the headcount, and runs the operations  24/7.

Human centricity

While business expectations increase, companies also pay attention to the wellbeing of their employees and maximizing the retention and growth of the human talent of their staff. Our customers want to take the robot out of the human to give them the opportunity to develop themselves and focus on the company’s core activities​.

Added value

It speaks for itself that in all automation journeys, efficiency gain is one of the main drivers. Where historically these initiatives were often driven by pure cost cutting motives, we see growing interest in increasing the added value. Added value has different dimensions. Added value for employees who are liberated from mind numbing activities, and refocusing their energy means adding value to core business activities. Focus & energy on the right things means more attention to supporting the customer in the most optimal way, meaning creating added value for them. Well performed journeys lead to a multi level value adding initiative. ​

What do we offer them?

Enabling our customers’ success

The important starting point is connecting with the objectives and desired outcome of our customers. Determine the strategy and roadmap to have clears goals and perspective, and not start automating blindly. ​

Once the feasibility assessment and prioritization has been done, the implementation of a digital workforce can start. The digital workforce has the capabilities of extracting data of your documents, automate manual processes and interact with existing systems using Robotic Process Automation, bring the human in the loop for exception handling and collaboration. ​

All these capabilities are centralized in the intelligent automation platform, enabling you to evolve to a digitized and automated way of working.

Our consultants share core values defining FlinQ Automation:​

Result driven
We are result-driven and embrace your success​.

Creative and resourceful
We are creative and resourceful in finding solutions to your challenges.

We are transparent in every step of our engagement.

Our organization

FlinQ Automation is a professional team of experts in the domain of Intelligent Process Automation. By combining technologies such as Intelligent Capture, Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence with digital strategy guidance and implementation skills, we empower organizations to take their operations to a next level.

Organizations are facing immense challenges in a world that keeps evolving at an ever fastening pace. Company objectives get harder, efficiency gains become non-negotiable, and at the same time the wellbeing of employees has to be guaranteed. FlinQ is there to close the gap between hard financial company goals and making sure human capital is treated with care and respect.​ We want to make the professional world a more pleasant, efficient, and people-oriented environment. That is what we strive for every day.

We are here to help

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