Artificial Intelligence: Chatbots

Decrease request response and resolution time.

AI-driven Conversational Interfaces

Introduction of chatbots takes the quality of services on a new level. Is it IT support or is it customer care, chatbots help to drastically decrease request response and resolution time. They allow provision of 24/7 service while saving time of the support team.

Conversational Interface (Chatbots)

Chatbots are capable of providing 24/7 service through an intuitive interface of a chat window. Not only a text input is possible but also upload of documents. Moreover, chatbot can generate documents based on the input provided by a user. Filling in forms has never been as easy – the data is gathered, interpreted and validated by the chatbot while all the user has to do is to answer a few questions in a free form.​

When a user request requires a particular action chatbot can trigger an automated task and resolve standard requests within seconds. In case a request requires an approval or support of one of the team members the bot seamlessly adds a human the loop and hands over the communication.​

A chatbot can search and update information across all systems providing access to real-time data.​

In addition, a chatbot is a perfect way of getting insights on customer and employee engagement, conduct satisfaction surveys and gather feedback.​

And finally, a chat bot can be used to boost sales, promote certain products, and provide relevant product information to your customers.



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