Artificial Intelligence: Cognitive Automation

Automate and process structured an unstructured data.

Cognitive Automation

Introduction of cognitive automation is not only a way to increase the scope of automated processes but also a key to humanising the automation. Now the bots they can take decisions based on the examples they learn from, understand unstructured data, analyze large sets of information, and suggest process improvements.​

Cognitive Automation

One of the main differentiators of cognitive automation is its ability to interpret unstructured datasets such as emails, chat messages, free text forms, etc. Cognitive automation makes it possible to structure such datasets and perform automated tasks based on this input.​

Another distinctive feature of cognitive automation is its ability for supervised and unsupervised learning. This means that the automation is getting smarter and more efficient with time increasing the scope of automated tasks and improving the quality of automation.​

Finally, cognitive automation is a key to data-driven decisions based on real-time data. Such bots can process large sets of data in a very short time and generate insights and predictions. If there is one way to predict the future is is cognitive automation​.

Content classification

With our Intelligent Document Management solutions we are able to process all different types of content like: Structured-data such as webform and templates, but also, Semi-structured data like invoices, and Unstructured data like customer emails or product complaints.



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