Intelligent Document Management

Future-proof organisations choose for paperless office.

Document Management Solutions

Digitising incoming documentation as well as creating clear and efficient document process flow and finally archiving the files in an optimal way ensure effortless compliance, accessibility of data and endless automation possibility using the available digital data.

Digital mailroom

Digital mailroom is designed for the intake of all inbound document flows coming from various sources. Incoming documents of all digital formats including scanned PDFs are being classified per document type and the necessary data is being captured with a help of AI-powered capture technology.

Document handling

Document handling which typically includes storage of documents and metadata inside a Document Management System (DMS). While a powerful DMS is a part of this solution integration with you existing DMS is also possible. The stored documents can be easily found and retrieved based on the metadata associated with the files. Extensive user management options allow implementation of best practices of Data Governance.

Interfacing with existing systems

Interfacing with existing systems can be done with the help of Robotic Process Automation, APIs or through a custom-built interface. The variety of integration options allows seamless integration with any ERP, DMS and even custom-built applications with both web- and desktop-based User Interface. Intelligent Document Management solution will take care of entering and updating the data across all your applications


Collaboration and workflow optimization are vital parts of Intelligent Document Management. Combination of Intelligent Automation and knowledge and experience of your employees is a key to successful Document and Data Management. The workflows, exceptions, and outstanding tasks can be easily monitored and handled in a dedicated collaboration space.


Electronic document signing & signature validation helps to stay paper-free and have streamlined fully-digital document approval processes even when a signature is required.

Legal Archiving

Legal archiving functionality ensures effortless compliance. The term of archiving can be configured based on the requirements per document type. The documents remail at your fingertip yet cannot be modified after the archiving.



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