A permanent journey to be a best in class performing company.


Mariasteen is one of Belgium’s biggest social enterprises providing custom support in their customers production processes. ​

The personel archive of approximately 1.000 employees was completely paper based. This created many challenges to investigate the skills of the staff members, find & manage data & share the necessary documents with customers. ​


The intelligent automation platform in place at the organization processes all incoming HR related documents. ​

Documents are automatically classified and all relevant data is captured.​

Based on the captured data, the digital HR archive is automatically fed, with all relevant meta data. ​

The entire ancient HR archive is digitized & all new documents are automatically managed in the digital platform​.


Mariasteen is on a permanent journey to be a best in class performing company. ​

The IPA platform makes sure they have an insight in all employee data with a single mouseclick, anywhere, anytime. ​

Mariasteen is able to provide perfect insights in the skillset of their employees to their customer increasing professionalism & efficiency.

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