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A completely digital way of working.


Our customer is a globally operating company providing a broad range of services to 60.000 customers on a daily basis. The Belgian entity is focusing on facility services & workplace experience. Providing & processing all HR related documents regarding their daily operations was a very paper driven & time-consuming process.


All HR related documents are now digitized at the beginning of the process & are automatically classified and enriched with metadata. Based on the extraction results, the documents are stored in the digital document management system with all the usefull metadata to maximize the search potential.


Our customer was able to make the switch from a labour intensive paper driven way of working to a completely digital way of working. This allows people to access the HR files anywhere, anytime eliminating the need to be in the HQ. Throughput time of the document processing has been decreased from several days, to a couple of hours. This gives the organization the chance to service their customers better and increase their experience.

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Operating company



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