Process Orchestration & Collaboration

Orchestrate processes and create workflows to enhance collaboration and processing.

The center of business processes

Intelligent Automation Platform puts human in the center of the business processes providing a collaboration space where the business processes are at the fingertip. You can handle exceptions, create workflows, analyze the reporting, and train the bots without any programming knowledge.​


An insightful dashboard allows to monitor performance of the bots in real-time and have an overview of license usage and available capacity as well as keep track of Key Performance Indicators and other important business metric.​

Moreover the performance data can be exported in various reports customized according to your needs.​

Exception handling

A user-friendly collaboration space makes exception handling easy and efficient. The users can be notified in a preferred way with a frequency of their choice about the cases that need their attention. Intelligent Automation platform provides an overview of the workload and allows multiuser collaboration.


The bots can be scheduled to run any day and any time, including during the weekend, at night and on public holidays. In addition, the bots can be triggered ad-hoc based on particular user events. Intelligent automation provides scalability to the organization removing dependencies from seasonal peaks and lows, holiday period or financial closing time. Additional resources can be easily acquired or reallocated.​


The best way to improve the quality and increase the scope of automation is validation. This process is also known as supervised learning when by validating and correcting the output of automation the algorithm will learn and adjust accordingly.



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