Robotic Process Automation: What’s All The Hype About?

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Over the course of the last few weeks, Covid-19 has had a major impact on our daily lives. Most people around the world are cooped up in the premises of their own homes, forcing businesses to react to unprecedented circumstances to maintain continuity in their way of working. And while some are facing the challenge to keep their ship afloat, others are experiencing significant strain on their business processes due to an unseen increase in demand for their goods and services.

Challenges of the crisis

Managing seasonal peaks in certain areas of your business is one thing. Coping with unforeseen peaks in activity, combined with less than ideal working circumstances is something else entirely.

Some examples:

The healthcare sector is pushed beyond its limits to process new patient records, manage test results and order medical supplies;
Insurance companies have to handle significant increases in claims from small businesses and individuals;
Governments have provided several ways to support people that have been hit by the crisis. Technical unemployment, temporary support for freelancers, debt repayment, financial support for restaurants, … Public entities have to process enormous amounts of requests from companies and individuals in the shortest possible time frame;
Parcel Delivery and logistics (retail and food) have seen a staggering increase in demand with it being the only source for most people to answer their needs during the quarantine. Which is why the sector is now dealing with a general overload in their activities.

Automating the underlying processes helps in managing peaks in a flexible way, without delays in service offering, loss in quality, or needs to reallocate personnel.

Automation to combat the crisis

Intelligent Automation is the way forward to efficiently automate business processes using several technologies. Robots mimic repetitive actions, previously done by humans, AI solutions interpret data and propose next actions while document collaboration platforms allow employees to efficiently manage the automated processes.

Intelligent Automation helps to mitigate disruption by enabling businesses to stay connected across teams and systems, maintain customer support and offer stability in times of uncertainty.

Additionally, the continuous availability of Digital Workers (Robots) allows for an increased volume of transactions to be processed. This allows businesses to maintain their quality standard while effectively handling unforeseen peaks.

Applied in practice

Hospital intake forms, test results, claims, … can all be digitized and made electronically available, using smart capture technologies.

The processing of valuable information contained within these documents and the integration into existing systems typically requires repetitive manual actions. Robotic Process Automation can easily take over these tasks, mimicking human actions to get the same result.

Finally, Intelligent process automation platforms can provide instant access to all documents being processed, means to interact based on valuable data and mobile applications to easily handle exceptions.

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