Robotic Process Automation

Automate manual and repetitive tasks.

Automate any business process

Robotic Process Automation enables you to create virtual robots to automate any business process. Virtual workers (robots) complete business processes, just as a person would, but in less time, with greater accuracy and at a fraction of the cost. RPA stands out for its ability to impact business outcomes, resulting in significant ROI.


Ability to perform at scale, with full suite of management tools to command and control Virtual Workforce. RPA will make your business scalable in the times of seasonal peaks as well as in a course of organizational growth without changes in the headcount.


The basic idea behind RPA is mimicking human interactions with various applications. This allows to preserve established business processes and guarantees smooth change management without a drastic switch in the way of working.​

Bots are able to read data from any applications both web- and desktop-based: is it an ERP system or a customer portal. RPA can read and generate structured electronic documents and forms. ​

RPA is a powerful technology that makes it possible to automate your business processes involving access to third party systems. Although RPA opens endless possibilities for automation it is easy to configure and use with minimum support of the IT.​

The processes best fit for RPA are rule-based and repetitive tasks with high transactional volumes and limited number of exceptions.

Lights on, Lights off

Virtual Workforce designed to work intelligently and autonomously, 24/7. Automated processes can be scheduled to run overnight or during the weekend and in necessary they can be triggered ad-hoc. This takes streamlining of business processes to a completely new level where the turnaround time can be minimized, and backlog eliminated.


RPA software integrates through the front-end or API’s for easy setup and smooth passage of data between systems. Automation with RPA does not require building custom interfaces or changes in your existing systems.



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