The Way to the Future: Center Of Excellence

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There used to be a time when robots were science-fiction; thankfully that time is now long past. Thanks to Robotic Process Automation, organizations are able to reap the benefits of efficient and effortless process execution. Using the power of digital technologies, companies are able to improve customer experience, drive growth, and scale rapidly.

Yet merely implementing RPA is no longer considered a strategic advantage over the competition. In an environment where all major players are vying to get a piece of the RPA pie, companies must formulate strategies for expanding the value of automation across all levels of the enterprise.

For FlinQ Automation this means the establishment of RPA Centers of Excellence (CoE) which incorporate all level of human resources, existing processes and disruptive technology to augment the benefits that are usually reaped from simple RPA. In setting up a CoE, it becomes essential to identify new automation opportunities, expand the reach of RPA throughout the organization and work towards a long-term vision of the future.

But first, at this juncture, it would be wise to discuss what exactly an RPA CoE is.

What is a Center of Excellence?

Put simply, an automation CoE is an organization which looks past viewing RPA as simply a tool for automating processes and instead tries to achieve a holistic view of automation as can be applied to the entire enterprise. The CoE should not consider RPA as a one-shot exercise, but rather as an ongoing operation involving careful, systematic planning, rigorous testing and regular evaluation.

One of the prime characteristics of automation CoE is that they do not view automation as under the ambit of one particular software or technology; rather the outlook is reversed and all automation processes being implemented in the organization are brought under one cohesive structure that blends in seamlessly with each department of the enterprise.

Who can benefit from a Center of Excellence?

The very term Center of Excellence seems to be a mouthful and may give the idea that they belong in the realm of giant enterprises, but the truth remains that a business of any size can benefit from setting up a CoE.

For large organizations the major challenge is to overcome the overall immensity of operations and integrate individual automation efforts into a cohesive whole. A CoE helps to do just that by efficiently recognizing automation opportunities and streamlining the RPA system.

Small and medium businesses on the other handstand to be future ready by proper implementation of CoE. While setting up isolated automation efforts may seem cost effective, in the long run it only adds to the overhead. A well-defined RPA strategy from the get-go can bring coherence to the automation of an organization in the long run.

At FlinQ Automation we have enabled organizations of various capacities for setting up RPA centers that deliver on the promise of excellence. And while doomsayers may cry job cuts due to automation, a RPA CoE is all about integrating the efforts of people together with the efficiency of automated processes. FlinQ considers the human workforce one of the key pillars for enabling successful automation.

The way to the future

According to the latest estimates by Gartner and Forrester Research, RPA is here to stay. Any organization that wishes to remain relevant needs to tap the power of automation CoE. FlinQ Automation can be your strategic partner in helping you develop your RPA capabilities and leverage technology to amplify your organizational processes. In this way, you stand to lead the way to tomorrow.

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